World class manufacturer of the best audiophile connectors, cables, interconnects and interesting accessories.
We simply adore the model AE1 Classic for packing a mighty sound with incredible accuracy from a minute enclosure. Their portability together with reference standards of resolution makes for the ultimate package for the discerning engineer or musician on the move. Allow yourself the privilege to enjoy the sound so many recording engineers use to mix the music we listen to everyday.
Wadia is the company that holds claim to the 1st off-board DAC. They have been responsible for some of the best and most exotic digital source components ever made. Current entry level model 121 is a stunner and competes at levels ten times it's price.
For those in search of the best music server transport in the high-end, this product represents a game changing curve.
These are one of the most majestic loudspeaker ranges we have ever heard. Lifelike takes on a new meaning with these. The goal posts have truly been moved on by a considerable margin. Through prior arrangement we can demo the Andra III and Savoy Signature models in Cape Town. We can also arrange the only pair of model Ivy in South-Africa to be auditioned in Durban.
The traditional face of high-end Hi-Fi. The best investment both musically and financially. Preowned Audio Research products fetch the highest premiums of any other competing brand. We have the latest Reference 5SE preamplifier on demonstration as well as Audio Research vacuum tube power amplifiers and CD-players.
Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers have enjoyed being at the forefront of technological advance for decades. The latest 800 Diamond series is no exception. The resolution from these loudspeakers can be startling when matched to suitably transparent electronics.
These famous tonearms have been making headlines since the seventies. Every arm ever produced can still be serviced and restored with original parts to this day. We use a Helius arm on our reference LINN Sondek. We also prepare genuine LINN arm boards to suit this and any other tonearm. Come hear sonic bliss at a truly remarkable price.
Key Digital® is at the forefront of digital signal transfer. They specialize in HDMI data connections. We strongly recommend Key Digital for all Hi-End applications.
The LINN LP12 turntable, our most frequently used source component permanently on demonstration. We can service and upgrade any LP-12 no matter what the condition.

Please inquire about our wide range of LINN factory parts kept in stock.
Electrostatic resolution simply does not get any better than with the latest range from Martin-Logan. Our favorite model, the Ethos can also be heard in Cape Town through prior arrangement.
Since the arrival of our Steelhead RC phono preamp we have heard greater potential in all our phono cartridges than with any other phono preamp before it. In our Mastering facility we use the best vacuum tube compressors and equalizers all made by Manley.
Our Mastering facility boasts Apogee converters for both analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion. As audiophile tools, these converters have proven beautifully musical and engaging to listen to.
The long awaited reference of the deep is now available in a range of domestic subwoofers of all sizes. With their acoustic suspension cabinets, super powerful built-in class-D amplifiers and proprietary drive units, these subwoofers simply devastates.
The leaders in audiophile accessories. We love the Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeters that extend frequency response to beyond 50kHz.
Exceptional cables. The entire range offers value for money like no others. Top end offerings of true reference standard. Sky a favorite.
At the cutting edge of Hi-End Audio these are the power cords you want to hook those expensive vacuum tube electronics up with. Unparalleled performance regardless of price.
These seemingly elementary little fuses perform improvements nothing short of magic! Try them inside your old 3020 for an absolute hoot, but be sure to order them for your high-end system components.
The latest range of phono cartridges from Shelter combines speed and refinement at the frequency extremes with their beautifully smooth mid to high range. These cartridges are musically rewarding and detailed at the same time.
The Goldring brand is as old and famous as the hills. The new range though offers stellar value for money. We have stock from R800 per cartridge. Sure to make that old Lenco or Gerrard sing!
Solid-state power houses from Europe. These amps are serious about delivering the sonic goods with power to spare. Contact us today for an audition of the mighty 750W mono-blocks.
These are true audiophile loudspeakers for the discerning music lover. At prices similar to the typical mass-mart tall-boys, you cannot ask for better value for money.
It is products like Mitchell that is at the forefront of pulling vinyl into the future as the music source of choice. These turntables must be the coolest looking things on earth!
The brand we grew up with and have owned for longer than any other. No introduction needed, NAD's electronics have stood the test of time offering some of the best value for money performance on the market. Arguably the most musically coherent home theatre series available. HD amplifier range simply stunning. Stereo components unbeatable at the price.

Inquire about our legendary 3020 upgrades as well as digital sound from the future.