Our most popular brands

The German alternative to the traditional brands from the West. Audio Exklusiv has something to offer for everyone. We particularly fancy their magnificent range of full range electrostatic loudspeakers as well as their well appointed range of hybrid valve/solid-state amplifiers.
The traditional face of high-end Hi-Fi. The best investment both musically and financially. Preowned Audio Research products fetch the highest premiums of any other competing brand. We have the mighty Reference 10 line-stage preamplifier on demonstration as well as Audio Research vacuum tube power amplifiers and CD-players.
Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers have enjoyed being at the forefront of technological advances for decades. The latest 800 Diamond Series 3 is no exception. In-house driver design and manufacture ensure sophisticated integration of all design elements. Transparency from these loudspeakers can be striking when matched to suitably complimentary electronics.
Conrad-Johnson requires no introduction. This is one of high-end audio's manufacturers with a legacy stretching over several decades. Only the very best electronic components can be found in CJ units. Their slogan of not selling 'packaged air' holds true to this day. In a CJ you undoubtedly get what you pay for.
The LINN Sondek LP-12 turntable is our favorite source component always in-use and on demonstration. We can service and upgrade any LP-12 no matter what the condition or age. Lately genuine spare parts have become hard to come by, but for those willing to invest in a factory authentic restoration, we are more than willing and capable of making it come together.

Please inquire about our wide range of LINN factory parts kept in stock.
One of the best home theater products available at any price. AVM60 processor absolutely world class.
PS Audio is probably most famous for their ingeniously designed ac power regeneration and filter products. We have been using and promoting various models since the mid nineties. Lately we have found even greater joy in their latest Stellar Gain Cell DAC.
The long awaited reference of the deep is now available in a range of domestic subwoofers of all sizes. With their acoustic suspension cabinets, super powerful built-in class-D amplifiers and proprietary drive units, these subwoofers simply devastates.
Townshend Audio offers an interesting range of unique high-end audio products and accessories. We love and stock their Maximum Super Tweeters capable of extending frequency response up to 90kHz source permitting. These devices with their ribbon elements is a must hear product capable of transforming any system no matter how extravagant.
Exceptional cables. The entire range offers value for money like no others. Top end offerings of true reference standard. Flux a firm favorite. Highly recommended.
Ever since the introduction of Bryston's latest firmware update for all their BDP players called 'Manic Moose', even their old BDP-1 came alive with superior UI functionality as well as a welcome addition of now being fully Roon end-point capable.
Arguably the best middle ground of entry level high-end Hi-Fi. Fantastic value, superb long term reliability track record.
Arguably the most stylish loudspeakers on the market. Sonus faber's sound as good as they look. Very well suited to acoustic music genres. High efficiency and friendly amplifier loads make them well suited to valve amplifiers.
The latest range of phono cartridges from Shelter combines speed and refinement at the frequency extremes with their beautifully smooth mid to high range. These cartridges are musically rewarding and detailed at the same time.