Sounds from the Freestate

Mark Levinson No.37 Transport
Mark Levinson No.360S DAC
Rega P5
Ortofon Rondo Blue
Valve Audio Whisper
Valve Audio Genesis
Magnepan MG3.3/R (Custom X-overs designed & built by Leander)
PurePower AC Re-generator

Although I’ve never heard this system, I am told by those in the know it is pretty spectacular. A lot of my personal tender love and care went into an important part of it, having made the restoration of those beautiful Magnapan MG3.3’s my own pet project all those years ago. I inherited the speakers from a friend who emigrated to the UK now fifteen years ago and so began the enormous task of not only restoring these fragile beasts, but also improving them substantially. I rebuilt the delicate ribbon tweeters by hand with new parts I imported directly from the agents in the U.S. and I designed and implemented my own version of an optimum cross over network for the speaker’s three way driver compliment. At the time I was done with them, they did not stand back for the then just released MG3.5

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