About Us

CelestialSounds is a natural extension of a life-long passion for music appreciation, sound equipment and electronics. The love of hearing good music reproduced faithfully necessitates the need for great sounding systems. Achieving sound with a high degree of realism however often requires an intimate knowledge and understanding of electronics, acoustics and component matching at engineering level. We find it shocking that something as elementary as source- and load-impedance matching completely fell by the way side in modern times. Getting the most from recorded music is at the essence of everything we do at CelestialSounds.

My father, Gerhard van Rooyen, started importing world-class Hi-Fi in 1979 and only a few years ago sold out the company that represented NAD in South-Africa for the better part of a lifetime. Exposure to great sound has been part of our lives for as long as I can remember and I owe most of what I came to know about what it is we listen for from my father. His experience from the background as tenor in his younger years laid an invaluable foundation of knowing the secrets to true musicality.

The brands we represent are the ones we have chosen to use and enjoy to in our own setups. We respect our systems as musical instruments and meaningfully string them together to achieve an experience relieved of electronic artifacts.

CelestialSounds is a distributor and retailer of exceptional high-end Hi-Fi brands. We represent a comparably large, but hand-picked range of products from the most respected manufacturers in the world. Access to such diverse gene-pool allow for unbiased and unparalleled problem solving recommendations as it is done by critically acclaimed dealers from Europe and the United States.

Our most recent and exciting venture is the acquisition of the best cable range we have ever laid ears on. Skogrand signal conduits are handmade by Knut Skogrand in Norway and features a zero dielectric design meaning only air touches the conductors within. When I heard them in my own reference system the overwhelming conclusion was that there were no more cables. It sounded like my electrostatics were hard wired onto the output transformers of my valve amplifiers. All imperfections vanished and only the music was presented in a way previously unknown.

Leander van Rooyen
(Updated July 2018)

Leander van Rooyen is a full member of the Audio Engineering Society