a11) Linn Sondek Afro

This is my father’s LP12. I collected it from him earlier this week and it is now on display in my demo room. As can be seen in the detailed pictures it is in near new cosmetic condition. Clear lid has minimal surface scratches. Plinth has almost zero blemishes. It has the aluminium bottom cover from the latest Basik LP12 which adds weight and rigidity. Inside it has the newer uprated motor better suited to the Lingo power supply. The bearing is the original mounted on the bonded sub chassis. It has however been flushed and refilled with black Linn oil from the factory. The old springs and grommets have been replaced with the same items as is supplied with new Cirkus kits. The drive belt has been replaced with a new Linn belt. The arm board attachment screws have been replaced with new Linn Mech525 screws. Lingo is the mk1 version. All the above updates have been performed by myself approximately three years ago. We originally advertised the turn table without cartridge, but subsequently I’ve decided to put on a new spare Rega Carbon cartridge at no extra cost. Please note price on this one is firm and we will not ship this at all. Buyer will collect. Thank-you.

Note clarity of the lid
Aluminium bottom cover from new Linn